Interested to understand more about CloudTrade's technology? The answers to the following questions should help to explain some of the inner workings of CloudTrade’s data capture and automation service.




Is it OCR?

No, though we can use OCR as a data feed.

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Is it AI?

Yes, but not of the Neural Network variety. That will be coming along later with Project Grandalf.

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Is it RPA?

No, but we can provide data feeds to RPA systems.

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Is it really 100% accurate?

Yes, though it may takes us a few attempts to get there if your documents are complicated.

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Does it use templates?

Yes, but they’re stretchy ones!

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Is it delivered as a service?

Yes, but its not SaaS , its better than that

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How does it work?

We program our Rules System to deal with your individual documents using a technique called Analytical Capture

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How does it interface with other systems?

There isn’t a short answer to this one

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How is it deployed?

We use containerisation

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What is project Grandalf?

The next generation of our product, building machine-learning / neural network technology on top of our rules engine (i.e. a hybrid system) in order to provide a wizard style service for simple documents without rules writing.

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Interested to find out more?

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CloudTrade’s Universal Capture for e-invoicing provides one solution for the automation of all types of inbound invoices, including pdf’s and images, low and high volume.

It is the only solution on the market that can be specifically tailored to your business requirements and is suitable for enterprise businesses as well as SME’s and fully automates the ‘short tail’ as well as ‘long tail’ invoices while maintaining optimum levels of data quality.


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