How do I submit my invoice going forward?

Supplier’s to UHL can submit their invoice via one of the following two methods:

Option 1: PEPPOL

    • If you are already registered with a PEPPOL Access Point, please quote UHL’s PEPPOL ID (0088:5055207000006) and address GLN (5055207000006) when submitting an invoice via your PEPPOL Access Point.
    • If you are not currently registered on PEPPOL, you can register with any PEPPOL Access Point, including CloudTrade (UHL’s e-invoicing service provider). More information can be found about CloudTrade’s PEPPOL service here or at the UHL PEPPOL FAQ Page.

Option 2: PDF Invoicing

  • If PEPPOL is not possible, please simply send a PDF invoice from your existing accounting application to the following invoicing email address:

You can also send other types of data document such as XML, EDI or even Excel if preferred. Please note that the system does not support scanned or image PDF invoices.

When do I start?

Now – please send all future invoices for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust via one of the below two methods.