What is PEPPOL?

PEPPOL is a set of document and communication standards for the exchange of electronic documents such as invoices and orders. Documents are transmitted between Buyers and Suppliers across the PEPPOL network.

In the UK, PEPPOL is a key part of the Government’s Scan4Safety strategy for the NHS and aims to reduce operating costs, while increasing visibility and controls in the procurement and finance function.

PEPPOL enables documents like orders and invoices to be exchanged in a standard way between buyers and suppliers, without manual intervention.

NHS buyers and suppliers connect to a PEPPOL access point. Electronic invoices, orders and other purchase related documents are sent / received via the buyer’s Access Point to the supplier via the supplier’s own Access Point.

This ‘four cornered model’ allows an NHS buyer to trade with ANY supplier connected to PEPPOL.  Similarly, a supplier can trade with all NHS buyers (and other public and private sector organisations) connected PEPPOL. Connect once, trade with many!


How does it work?

Why is PEPPOL important if you trade with the NHS?

PEPPOL is becoming the standard way for public sector organisations across the world to trade electronically.

It is already changing the way the NHS does business, with over 250 NHS organisations connected and transacting with thousands of PEPPOL connected suppliers.

In the coming years, all NHS Trusts are expected to use PEPPOL to integrate with their supply chain.

CloudTrade provides e-invoicing and PEPPOL services to over 50 NHS organisations, with an established network of over 20,000 NHS Suppliers transacting across our network every month.

CloudTrade was one of the first PEPPOL access points in the UK and was selected to participate in the Department of Health’s Demonstration of Technology in 2015.

CloudTrade remain one the leading accredited PEPPOL access points providing a gateway for Buyers and Suppliers to connect and exchange invoices, orders, advanced shipping notices and other business documents.

What PEPPOL service does CloudTrade offer?

For Suppliers

Our patented technology provides suppliers with the easiest way to connect to the PEPPOL Network. Our non-disruption solution allows you to connect to PEPPOL, without the need to change IT systems or infrastructure. On-boarding is simple, taking a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

For Buyers

CloudTrade provides NHS Organisations with access to two networks, from one service provider: CloudTrade’s own network of +20,000 NHS Suppliers, as well as the growing PEPPOL Network. Our ability to offer two networks from one service provide, ensures the fastest and highest supplier adoption rates on the market.

Want more information about CloudTrade and PEPPOL?

If you’re a supplier and would like to know more about using CloudTrade as a PEPPOL access point, or perhaps are a buyer and would like to recieve invoices via CloudTrade, please complete the form and we’ll be in touch.