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PDF Invoicing is CloudTrade’s flagship service which is trusted by over 700 businesses worldwide and processes millions of documents per year. Although mainly used for PDFs, the service has evolved since go-live in 2010 and can process other data-rich, human-readable documents, most notably MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, or HTML, including emails.


The key benefits of PDF Invoicing

  • Data you can trust that can be ingested directly into your business system
  • Data that can be processed automatically without further human intervention
  • Touchless for both you and your suppliers
  • Applicable to invoices and other financial documents, including supplier statements
  • Fully integrated with receipt of documents by email
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How does
PDF Invoicing work?

1. The supplier sends the document(s) to a receiver-specific email address

The service automatically processes multiple attachments to an email, multiple invoices within any of the attachments, and the body of the email, if required.

2. PDF Invoicing detaches the document(s) from the email

Mapping is carried out on all required data from the attachments into the required output structure.

3. Supplier-specific logic and business validation rules are applied to the data

Any additional data items, required for automatic ingest and processing by the receiving system, are derived.

4. Validated files are uploaded into your finance application

If the document data meets your legal and business-specific criteria, the validated electronic file is uploaded into your finance application for touchless onward processing.

5. You receive 100% validated data into your organisation, every time

If the invoice data does not satisfy your business rules, then depending on your requirements, the original document can either be automatically rejected back to the supplier or routed to an operator to review.

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Why PDF Invoicing?

PDF Invoicing takes a fresh approach to e-invoicing.

The patented AI solution is unique and designed to take advantage of what you already have rather than asking suppliers or your internal accounts payable teams to change.

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The benefits for Organizations:

  • High Supplier adoption
  • Increased visibility, transparency, and control
  • Increased processing efficiency 
  • Increased ability to pay on time
  • Increased opportunity for supplier discounts
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced carbon footprint

The benefits for Suppliers:

  • Reduced costs for invoice delivery
  • Real-time data delivery
  • Reduced invoice-to-pay times
  • Increased visibility and control
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Enhanced trading relationship
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