CloudTrade’s PDF Invoicing
for SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba offers the supply chain the opportunity to trade fully electronically, helping to achieve digital transformation and optimal scalability.

The size of the network is unparalleled and, thanks to the new e-invoicing solution, the methods for which the buyers and suppliers can transact have been greatly enhanced, enabling digital transacting like never before.

PDF Invoicing from SAP Ariba extends the reach of electronic invoicing and now readily enables medium volume senders (suppliers that submit between 100+ invoices per annum) to transact digitally on the Ariba Network. It also removes the need for suppliers to do PO Flip or undertake lengthy technical setup or error prone OCR.

This service enables the rapid submission and receipt of invoices from supplier to buyer. A supplier simply emails or uploads the invoice (as produced from their billing system as standard) and this is converted to an Ariba Network compliant invoice for automated processing.

Benefits to the Buyer

  • Extend the reach of e-invoicing without incurring additional charges
  • Receive accurate invoices from suppliers that meet your specific business and operational needs
  • Lower costs for AP processing through automated entry and validation

Benefits to the Supplier

  • Simply email your invoice from your billing system or upload to the Ariba network
  • No PO Flip
  • No technical change to your processes
  • Facilitates faster invoicing and faster payment times
  • No additional charges

How to enable PDF Invoicing


Simply raise a service request via your SAP Ariba contact who will support you through the integration process. This includes service configuration, supplier onboarding and support through to successful roll out.


When the service is enabled by the buyer, the supplier will need to follow the enablement steps and submit sample invoices for set up as directed by the Ariba Network feature guide (5 minutes). SAP Ariba will provide support with the process should this be required.

Projects typically take around 2-4 weeks to deliver, depending on project requirements. Contact your SAP Ariba contact to begin your e-invoicing project. Note PDF Invoicing projects are delivered via SAP Partners CloudTrade.

PDF Invoicing Training Video

Available on the SAP app store

Six services and add-on's available, enabling unrivaled data accuracy and automation for SAP


  1. PDF Invoice to SAP Ariba Capability - Customizations
    • Data Extraction for Invoice PDFs
  2. PDF Invoicing for SAP Ariba
    • Data Extraction for PDF Invoices
  3. PDF Invoicing Buyer ANID Email Insertion
    • Get rid of manually typing or adding the ANID for buyers
  4. PDF Invoicing Optimization and Integration Service
    • Optimizing PDF Invoicing to bring ultimate product benefit
  5. Two-way PO match and invoice enrichment
    • Enrich supplier invoices and fill in missing data to enable processing
  6. CloudTrade ICS
    • Capture and process data from both network and non-network suppliers who transact using image-file-based invoices

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