How does FreightDocs work?

FreightDocs by CloudTrade integrates with any backend system and guarantees 100% accurate data capture and touchless processing of freight and logistics documents. With a network of top global carriers already enabled, this plug-and-play data capture solution can be delivering exceptional data capture to you in just a few weeks.


Ideal for Freight Auditors, TMS providers, 3PL’s, Freight Forwards and Payment Providers.


What are the product features of FreightDocs?


Guarantees 100% accurate data capture and touchless processing of freight and logistics documents

  • Multiple document types
  • Access to CloudTrade carrier network
  • Digital and image-based documents processed
  • Minimal human touch
  • Fast deployment and onboarding
  • Minimal IT resources required
  • 100% validated data capture
  • Fully integrated into any TMS
  • Almost all geographic regions and languages
  • Intelligent rules-based solution

What types of freight documents can FreightDocs process?

  • Freight invoices

  • Freight bills

  • Bills of lading (BOL’s)

  • Statements

  • Goods receipt notes

  • Consignment notes

Greater control and insight into freight data to help control and monitor costs

  • Process documents quickly, with data straight into your end system within minutes of receipt
  • Process greater volumes of documents automatically 24/7/365 days per year
  • Delivered as SaaS no infrastructure cost
  • Utilizing data entry team members for greater value-added tasks
  • Data capture and document processing scales with your business
  • Full visibility of your documents journey through our Standard API
  • See product benefit and ROI within weeks

What does this mean for your business?

Onboarding in as little as two weeks

1. Workshop with CloudTrade

2. CloudTrade map your top transacting carriers to our preconfigured carrier templates

3. Provide samples for each registered carrier not pre-configured

4. CloudTrade design, build and test workflow with your TMS

5. Go live!


Check out this live demo from David Cocks,
CEO, and Roger Hatfield, Vice President of
North America, showcasing CloudTrade's automated freight invoice processing
solution at FreightWaves.

Find out how FreightDocs can help your business

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