See the power of CloudTrade’s data capture and document automation in action.

In this case study, you’ll discover how a leading manufacturing company came to CloudTrade to solve the pain of capturing the data from a weekly 1,500 page Freight Invoice in Spanish.

Download and read the case study here to find out how the partnership with CloudTrade brought:

  • 100% accurate data every time
  • Fully compliant conversions and substitutions
  • Fully compliant invoice submission
  • 1,500 page document automatically processed with no human intervention
  • 32 man hours per month back into the business
  • Data integrity governance 
  • End to end digitization and automation 

… and ultimately, allowed the existing team to focus on other value added tasks. 

“This is a perfect example of the power of intelligent document automation. By using the CloudTrade platform, which uses the data layer of the PDF rather than the image, we’re able to guarantee 100% data accuracy and straight through processing to our platform. It’s ideal for line level accurate extraction,
validation and augmentation.”

Director of Operations
CloudTrade Freight and Logistics Partner

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