Replacing inaccurate scanning technology and taking the processing time from days, to minutes.

The largest installer of interior finishes in the United States approached CloudTrade to solve their invoice data capture requirements. The solution they had wasn't working, they needed 100% accurate invoice data capture for 30,000 invoices a month and they needed it quickly.

Download and read the case study here to find out how CloudTrade solved these technical issues and brought:

  • Fully automated invoice data acquisition at line level
  • 100% accurate data capture
  • Implementation within 12 weeks
  • PO validation on all invoices at the point of capture
  • Invoices rejected if they don't pass chosen validation rules
  • Reduction in temporary Accounts Payable admin staff
  • Invoice data sent automatically into SAP

… sound like something you need for your business?


"As we onboard more of our divisions to SAP, the volume is just going to grow. We’re getting more consistent and accurate data through the process than previously and getting more bang for our buck. Ultimately what we get is the invoice data inside SAP with an invoice image attached."

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