“CloudTrade has made a big difference to our business as it makes processing quick and accurate.”

National E-Business Sales Manager, Arco

If you receive electronic orders (or e-orders), we know that this can be slow, manually intensive and prone to error. We know that errors are common and order processing is slow when you’re receiving a high volume of orders that need manual keying. For your high-volume customers, solutions like EDI work but they can be expensive and time-consuming requiring technical resources that you and your customers, don’t have.

Our solution is simple, easy to use and your customers don’t need to change the way they order from you.

Still processing your orders manually?

Automate, automate, automate!

We know that all ordering systems can produce an electronic PDF order document; you’re probably printing it out and scanning it or loading it into your SOP system for an operator to capture the data – this is a slow and inaccurate process.

CloudTrade allows you to automate this data capture process; we can pick up and process the PDF order and post it directly into your sales order application; with 100% capture and validation – within minutes of your customer sending it.

Your customer doesn’t need to change a thing. CloudTrade maps the data directly from the PDF computer-generated document, validates it and makes it available to your sales order system for processing. We can also write and apply rules to check account numbers, delivery details and valid part/item numbers against customer supplied data and give your SOP system the right/correct information it needs – without manual intervention

No manual keying, and 100% accurate.


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