CloudTrade’s mission is to provide a trusted, business-to-business capture service which fully automates intelligent data-capture from electronic, human readable documents and translates meaningful data into information which can be readily processed by your back-office IT systems.


CloudTrade’s core values are:


Be the globally recognized leader in the extraction of information from human-readable documents as part of an automated, transactional business process.


CloudTrade’s solution:

  • Delivered as a secure, cloud-based service both under CloudTrade’s brand and as a white-label component of third-party solutions
  • Built on CloudTrade’s own innovative technology
  • Aims to process greater than 99% of customer documents automatically with 100% accuracy
  • Is used by public and private sector organisation in North America, Europe and Australasia
  • Integrates with the established services of CloudTrade’s business partners enabling them to increase services and annuity revenues from existing and new customers

Our Management Team

David Cocks

Roger Hatfield
VP – North

Richard Craig
Chief Operating Officer

Steve Rogers
Chief Financial Officer

Richard Manson
Client Director

Richard Develyn
Chief Technology Officer

Michael Thomson
Head of Engineering

Sarah Pritchards
Marketing Manager

Amee Patel
Head of Operations

Elena Toma
Financial Controller

Our Board

Phil Padfield

Richard Moore
Investment Director

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