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As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100% accurate data processing accessible for all senders and receivers of application generated documents. Over 650+ customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside 50+ partners.

Founded in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to electronic document processing, CloudTrade’s unique, patented technology, enables companies to evolve past their reliance on paper or labor-intensive manual processing and transact digitally with their trading partners, irrespective of size or technical maturity. CloudTrade was acquired by Advanced, a leading provider of business software and services in October 2021.

CloudTrade’s core product suite focuses on automating the processing of invoices, orders and freight and logistics documents, as well as Invoice Fraud Protection. CloudTrade now forms an integral part of several global business service provider’s solutions, interfacing directly into the providers’ APIs.

CloudTrade’s software is protected by lasting patents in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. CloudTrade is an Advanced company.

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