Strength in partners – JavTechnology teams up with CloudTrade in providing e-invoicing solutions

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A press release from JavTech regarding the new partnership with CloudTrade.

JavTechnology Incorporated announces its recent partnership with CloudTrade Technologies Ltd (CloudTrade), the revolutionary cloud-based e-invoicing and e-commerce provider. The new JavTech and CloudTrade service offers clients with a simple, high adoption, low cost alternative to traditional heavyweight OCR or more traditional e-commerce solutions, such as EDI.

The venture is timely as the Asia Pacific region is quickly gaining steam in its e-invoicing efforts. The Philippines has already launched the Digital Transformation Strategy 2022, with the aim of completing the country’s e-invoicing system by the end of 2022. While Singapore, has joined the European Commission’s e-invoicing initiatives to promote the exchange of e-invoices across national borders. CloudTrade’s non-disruptive approach to e-invoicing together with Javtech Inc.’s experience in implementing the solution is a perfect opportunity to automate the invoicing process in the region.

“We have exciting times ahead of us. Entering into a partnership with CloudTrade creates a powerful opportunity for us to significantly expand our presence in the e-invoicing market particularly in the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, it allows us to strengthen relationships by advancing on our skills, knowledge and expertise to serve our clients in the most efficient way we can.”

Alexis D. Dupaya, General Manager

About JavTech

A company built on experience and expertise, JavTech pioneers in providing services specializing in electronic invoicing and data integration services from small to large scale enterprises. They are a team of professionals who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the implementation of e-invoicing, data integration and other various IT Service Management projects – Software Implementation, Network Installation and Implementation. They have handled accounts from major establishments and corporations in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas region.

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About CloudTrade

CloudTrade solves the main challenge in the e-invoicing and e-trading market – how to move the maximum number of trading partners onto electronic document delivery in the shortest possible time frame – and without disrupting the supply chain. CloudTrade achieve this using their patented e-document service. As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100% accurate data automation accessible for all senders and receivers of application-generated documents. Over 500+ customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside its 40+ partners.

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Sarah Pritchards

Marketing Manager, CloudTrade

Tel: +44 (0) 208 638 6247