CloudTrade’s Intelligent Data Processing solution now available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

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CloudTrade is delighted to announce that we have recently joined the Blue Prism Technology Allince Program (TAP) allowing customers using Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) technology to utilise 100% accurate data to complete business specific data requirements.

CloudTrade, market-leader in intelligent data processing, announces that we are now available for Blue Prism customers on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. As part of the TAP program, CloudTrade’s solution serves to augment and extend the traditional RPA capabilities.

The integration of CloudTrade and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means customers can easily automate and extract line level data with 100% accuracy delivering unprecedented levels of detail. CloudTrade uses patented document automation tools to take in application generated documents including invoices, orders, statements, legal documents and many more. This enables Blue Prism Digital Workers to support a host of use cases such as on-boarding, fraud prevention or procurement optimization. The partnership provides early validation to ensure all incoming documents meet business specific data requirements, further enhancing downstream processes.

“The CloudTrade and Blue Prism partnership is exciting for RPA. Allowing customers to utilize extraordinarily accurate data, extracted, validated and processed, without human intervention, is a massive step in powering and automating RPA processes. Our patented solution is the only platform to extract and validate data in this way and we can’t wait to show Blue Prism’s partners and customers how it can transform their business”

Steve Emecz, CRO, CloudTrade

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