CloudTrade brings 100% accurate, PDF data capture solution to Cegedim

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CloudTrade, the leading provider of cloud-based e-invoicing and e-document services, is named as one of Cegedim e-business’s worldwide e-invoicing partners. Its proprietary, patent protected, Artificial Intelligence based,  PDF data capture solution is now available to all Cegedim e-business users.

CloudTrade’s enterprise PDF capture technology solution forms a critical component of Cegedim e-business's global offer and will ensure 100% accurate data is uploaded within minutes of a supplier submitting a PDF document. Ensuring users see back office savings in the region of 60% and supplier adoption rates of over 80-90%.

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CloudTrade’s unique technology offers cutting edge Artificial Intelligence / Robotic Process Automation for document transfer, managing complex document structures with multi-line and line level data.  CloudTrade’s simplicity, accuracy and speed make it the best choice for businesses, such as Cegedim, to bolster their existing P2P solutions and ability to serve users and suppliers across all sectors. 

Patrick Schuller, Business Development Director at Cegedim e-business, says: “CloudTrade provides a non-disruptive way for Cegedim’s network suppliers to send native PDF invoices straight into our processing application, and for buyers to receive accurate data to fully automate the accounting process.”

“CloudTrade offers an easy to use, single integration point with Cegedim’s wider multichannel supplier and customer e-invoicing service. For all our users, that will result in quicker processing, eliminating manual entries and the associated human errors, and removing paper from the invoicing and P2P process.”

Cegedim e-business specializes in digital transformation through electronic data exchange, B2B portals and network, electronic signature and legal archiving, with over 120,000 connected companies and 350 million flows processed every year.

Cegedim’s e-business e-invoicing portal enables users to switch 100% of their invoices to electronic, with a 100% data accuracy rate, in a fully compliant manner. Partnering with CloudTrade brings Artificial Intelligence benefits to achieve higher results, faster.

David Cocks, CloudTrade’s co-founder and CEO, says: “When you’re doing business internationally and interacting with thousands of suppliers every day, your P2P process and EDI systems rely on accurate data to be highly efficient, easy to use and most importantly, operate on a global scale. Two thirds of e-invoices are exchanged in PDF format, so our solution encourages as many of Cegedim’s users’ suppliers as possible to move away from paper and onto electronic document submission methods. Because CloudTrade is incredibly cost effective and easy to use, we enable Cegedim’s users to maximise efficiencies and transform their back-office functions.”

CloudTrade is one of the world’s fastest growing e-invoice and e-document networks, connecting hundreds of global organisations to thousands of their trading partners electronically, across numerous sectors and regions.

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