CloudTrade is now accredited as a PEPPOL access point in Aus and NZ

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Leading PEPPOL access point provider expands its network to Australia and New Zealand.
Europe and North American leading PEPPOL access point providers CloudTrade, have been approved for operation by both the PEPPOL authorities in Australia and New Zealand, which both established the framework for e-invoicing in late 2019.

The launch sees CloudTrade’s unique and patented e-document service available as an access point to companies transacting via PEPPOL in the Trans-Tasman region.

This new accreditation brings expansion to CloudTrade’s access point availability, which is already being used extensively in Europe and North America, providing access to over 33 countries worldwide already using CloudTrade’s services. Companies can take advantage of the single global procurement network, and by adhering to PEPPOL standardisations, access easy communication between sender and receiver and quicker exchanges of invoices, as well as simplified cross-border procurement.

CloudTrade offers buyers a range of data capture and processing solutions to take advantage of the established supplier base already on the CloudTrade network, which ensure optimum data accuracy as well as ensuring fast adoption for suppliers. With CloudTrade onboarding for suppliers onto the PEPPOL network is very easy, without changes to current IT systems, taking a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks.

For more information on how to gain access to CloudTrade’s PEPPOL access point in Australia and New Zealand, please contact us.


Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) enables documents like invoices to be exchanged without manual intervention between buyers and suppliers. Sometimes called a ‘four corner model’, any buyer can trade with any supplier on the network, once connected.

Providing a simplified standardised communication model between companies, enabling easy communication, speed of exchange and increasing efficiencies.

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Founded in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to electronic document processing, CloudTrade’s patented technology, enables companies to evolve past their reliance on paper and transact digitally with their trading partners, irrespective of size or technical maturity. CloudTrade’s unique solution offers the highest level of accuracy for data extraction and validation on the market and supersedes more traditional capture methods and OCR based technologies. The cloud-based solution, deployment is rapid and at the same time delivering true straight through processing. For more information, please visit:

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