Navigating the COVID crisis: A note from our CEO

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“Intelligent Automation “ is the latest buzz phrase. CloudTrade has always promoted complete automation as the solution of preference on the digital journey. As organisations negotiate the current global COVID crisis, the benefits of removing all manual activities from business critical processes has become even more apparent. The last few weeks have been very busy for CloudTrade, assisting organisations where their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has failed, due to the reliance on employee access to IT and physical material only available within quarantined office locations.

All of CloudTrade’s operational processes are located in the Cloud. For the immediate future, all of CloudTrade staff are working from home with full systems access through secure virtual networking. Using the latest Microsoft Azure services our systems and data are replicated continuously across multiple data centres.  Customer’s document processing continues to run 24/7. 

Many of CloudTrade’s long-term customers have used our service to create efficiency and reduce time in their accounts payable process.  However, we have always processed other documents and the COVID crisis has brought into acute focus the need for speed, accuracy and automation in handling of inbound electronic orders. Companies like Amazon, have set the bar very high where, even in these difficult times, next day delivery is the expected norm. We have been pleased to have signed up several new organisations to our e-ordering service both in Europe and North America, creating efficiencies and speeding up fulfillment: saving money and making happy customers.

We would like to send our best wishes to all our customers during these turbulent times. Our Customer Support team are still on hand to support you with any queries and, for our new customers, projects continue to get underway.

A second thank you is to the CloudTrade team. Thank you for your continued hard work and for adapting so quickly to the changes that occurred due to lockdown.

As we look to a future post COVID, the need for complete automation of our business practices will continue to push forward. It will be hard to forget the impact of the unpredictable on the ‘status quo’ and companies will need to ‘think digital’ for every aspect of their business.

Stay safe,