CloudTrade Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 virus outbreak

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In light of the ongoing concerns about the Covid-19 virus outbreak, CloudTrade wants to reassure our customers that our service continues to operate as normal. Please see the details below that form our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

CloudTrade Business Continuity Plan

In the event of a serious incident affecting the office e.g. through fire, flood, loss of utilities, severe weather or problems with transport links or neighbouring buildings, our use of cloud-based applications and mobile phones / IP telephony denotes that these events will have minimal effect upon the business.

If a serious BCP event does occur, our staff can work from home or other remote site for the short term, if the event is prolonged we may, at the discretion of senior management, relocate to a Regus centre or similar short-term office space provider. Staff can continue to work using their existing laptops, and smart phones. However, we do acknowledge that working in a temporary work area may expose our information assets to risks particularly around information leakage or other breaches of confidentiality.

All staff have the ability to work from home in an emergency event utilising Microsoft Azure and Virtual machines or using our Rules Development Environment which will be installed on their own device. Any staff without the ability to work from home will either use one of our remote working laptops or have a laptop purchased for them on next day delivery. CloudTrade understands the risk involved in staff working at home using BYOD. All CloudTrade staff are provided with a “Mobile Working Policy” which ensures the risk is minimised.

Our core application infrastructure is located within UKFast and Azure which is replicated at multiple secure UK data centres the majority of which are certified to ISO27001.  Their staff, and their suppliers cannot access our data, consequently the BCP security implications (for confidentiality and integrity) are minimised.

For those clients who are hosted in an Azure environment, in the very unlikely situation that there was permanent, catastrophic failure of the operational Microsoft data centre the service would be restored within 48 hours in an alternative Microsoft location:

  • The Portal application would be reinstalled from GitHub and the database restored from the backup
  • A new Windows VM would be configured and Gramatica installed and configured from GitHub
  • A new Azure Kubernetes Service cluster would be created, and applications deployed from Infrastructure as Code files stored in GitHub
  • A document reconciliation would be made between the record in Portal and the input documents in the recipient email inboxes. Any documents found to be missing (i.e. that were in transit at time of failure) would be reprocessed.

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