CloudTrade and NEOOPS announce new partnership

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Blue Prism RPA certified partner signs a partnership agreement with leading data acquisition automation tool.

NEOOPS, a specialist consulting company in RPA services, designing robotic solutions and automating processes, today announces a new partnership with CloudTrade Technologies Ltd (CloudTrade), the leading global provider of cloud-based intelligent data acquisition and electronic document processing. The partnership enhances NEOOPS customer’s RPA bots with access to data at unrivalled levels of accuracy.

CloudTrade is the market leader in automating data acquisition, validation and augmentation from electronic documents from receivers of pdf or any other types of electronic documents, such as invoices, orders, applications and contracts. The partnership offers NEOOPS customers the opportunity to harness CloudTrade’s unique technology to acquire extraordinarily levels of accurate data to power Blue Prism RPA bots to perform business specified tasks in accordance with enterprise goals and requirements.

Accurate data means your robot can perform its task to deliver the required business outcomes. Inaccurate data will require the bot to perform additional tasks to correct the data or it will process the inaccuracy downstream with the related consequences. This is why CloudTrade, as a rules-based solution, is the perfect integration for RPA, as accuracy and compliance are so critical. With perfect data quality from CloudTrade, NEOOPS customers using Blue Prism RPA bots can be fully utilised to perform at their highest levels of efficiency

As the market leader in data acquisition and electronic document automation, CloudTrade is a natural extension to an RPA project the 100% data accuracy enables end to end process automation. Over 500+ customers globally trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside our 40+ partners. CloudTrade’s integration with RPA solutions, provides enterprises with the ability to capture line level data from any document type, within the RPA robots defined workflow.

“I met with NEOOPS in the Autumn of 2019 in the Czech Republic and immediately recognised a synergy between our businesses and a strong cultural fit. In the world of business process automation NEOOPS are recognised as a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) working across industries to support the integration of RPA to transform and automate labour intensive business processes. The natural fit therefore was with CloudTrade’s innovative technology approach of acquiring target data fields at line level from human readable documents such as invoices, orders, applications and contracts. The combined approach delivers true end to end business process automation, 100% data accuracy with no human touch points. We are delighted to be working with the NEOOPS team and are looking forward to our future collaboration and the many successful years of growth ahead.”

Steve Britton, Client Director, CloudTrade


NEOOPS designs robotic solutions, implements Blue Prism automation software and builds robotic capability for their clients. NEOOPS became the first RPA services provider in continental Europe and is one of the first certified partners of Blue Prism. NEOOPS have been helping their clients build end-to-end robotic capabilities for over 6 years. During this period, NEOOPS has implemented Blue Prism for more than 60 clients. Initially focused on Central and Eastern Europe, NEOOPS now covers the rest of Europe and the US. The key differentiator from other RPA Providers is that NEOOPS help clients to quickly build RPA capability and make them self-sustainable in a short period of time. For more information please, please visit:

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Founded in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to electronic document processing, CloudTrade’s unique, patented technology, enables companies to evolve past their reliance on paper and transact digitally with their trading partners, irrespective of size or technical maturity. CloudTrade’s solution offers the highest level of accuracy for data extraction and validation on the market and supersedes more traditional capture methods and OCR based technologies. The cloud-based solution, deployment is rapid and at the same time delivering true straight through processing. For more information, please visit:

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