Navigating the COVID crisis: A note from our CEO

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The need for new ideas for data capture has become much more necessary due to lockdown restrictions.

“Intelligent Automation “ is the latest buzz phrase. CloudTrade has always promoted complete automation as the solution of preference on the digital journey. As organisations negotiate the current global COVID crisis, the benefits of removing all manual activities from business critical processes has become even more apparent. The last few weeks have been very busy for CloudTrade, assisting organisations where their Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has failed, due to the reliance on employee access to IT and physical material only available within quarantined office locations.

All of CloudTrade’s operational processes are located in the Cloud. For the immediate future, all of CloudTrade staff are working from home with full systems access through secure virtual networking. Using the latest Microsoft Azure services our systems and data are replicated continuously across multiple data centres.  Customer’s document processing continues to run 24/7. 

Many of CloudTrade’s long-term customers have used our service to create efficiency and reduce time in their accounts payable process.  However, we have always processed other documents and the COVID crisis has brought into acute focus the need for speed, accuracy and automation in handling of inbound electronic orders. Companies like Amazon, have set the bar very high where, even in these difficult times, next day delivery is the expected norm. We have been pleased to have signed up several new organisations to our e-ordering service both in Europe and North America, creating efficiencies and speeding up fulfillment: saving money and making happy customers.

We would like to send our best wishes to all our customers during these turbulent times. Our Customer Support team are still on hand to support you with any queries and, for our new customers, projects continue to get underway.

A second thank you is to the CloudTrade team. Thank you for your continued hard work and for adapting so quickly to the changes that occurred due to lockdown.

As we look to a future post COVID, the need for complete automation of our business practices will continue to push forward. It will be hard to forget the impact of the unpredictable on the ‘status quo’ and companies will need to ‘think digital’ for every aspect of their business.

Stay safe,


Business As Usual

CloudTrade Business Continuity Plan during Covid-19 virus outbreak

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In light of the ongoing concerns about the Covid-19 virus outbreak, CloudTrade wants to reassure our customers that our service continues to operate as normal. Please see the details below that form our Business Continuity Plan (BCP).

CloudTrade Business Continuity Plan

In the event of a serious incident affecting the office e.g. through fire, flood, loss of utilities, severe weather or problems with transport links or neighbouring buildings, our use of cloud-based applications and mobile phones / IP telephony denotes that these events will have minimal effect upon the business.

If a serious BCP event does occur, our staff can work from home or other remote site for the short term, if the event is prolonged we may, at the discretion of senior management, relocate to a Regus centre or similar short-term office space provider. Staff can continue to work using their existing laptops, and smart phones. However, we do acknowledge that working in a temporary work area may expose our information assets to risks particularly around information leakage or other breaches of confidentiality.

All staff have the ability to work from home in an emergency event utilising Microsoft Azure and Virtual machines or using our Rules Development Environment which will be installed on their own device. Any staff without the ability to work from home will either use one of our remote working laptops or have a laptop purchased for them on next day delivery. CloudTrade understands the risk involved in staff working at home using BYOD. All CloudTrade staff are provided with a “Mobile Working Policy” which ensures the risk is minimised.

Our core application infrastructure is located within UKFast and Azure which is replicated at multiple secure UK data centres the majority of which are certified to ISO27001.  Their staff, and their suppliers cannot access our data, consequently the BCP security implications (for confidentiality and integrity) are minimised.

For those clients who are hosted in an Azure environment, in the very unlikely situation that there was permanent, catastrophic failure of the operational Microsoft data centre the service would be restored within 48 hours in an alternative Microsoft location:

  • The Portal application would be reinstalled from GitHub and the database restored from the backup
  • A new Windows VM would be configured and Gramatica installed and configured from GitHub
  • A new Azure Kubernetes Service cluster would be created, and applications deployed from Infrastructure as Code files stored in GitHub
  • A document reconciliation would be made between the record in Portal and the input documents in the recipient email inboxes. Any documents found to be missing (i.e. that were in transit at time of failure) would be reprocessed.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

Strength in partners – JavTechnology teams up with CloudTrade in providing e-invoicing solutions

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A press release from JavTech regarding the new partnership with CloudTrade.

JavTechnology Incorporated announces its recent partnership with CloudTrade Technologies Ltd (CloudTrade), the revolutionary cloud-based e-invoicing and e-commerce provider. The new JavTech and CloudTrade service offers clients with a simple, high adoption, low cost alternative to traditional heavyweight OCR or more traditional e-commerce solutions, such as EDI.

The venture is timely as the Asia Pacific region is quickly gaining steam in its e-invoicing efforts. The Philippines has already launched the Digital Transformation Strategy 2022, with the aim of completing the country’s e-invoicing system by the end of 2022. While Singapore, has joined the European Commission’s e-invoicing initiatives to promote the exchange of e-invoices across national borders. CloudTrade’s non-disruptive approach to e-invoicing together with Javtech Inc.’s experience in implementing the solution is a perfect opportunity to automate the invoicing process in the region.

“We have exciting times ahead of us. Entering into a partnership with CloudTrade creates a powerful opportunity for us to significantly expand our presence in the e-invoicing market particularly in the Asia Pacific region. At the same time, it allows us to strengthen relationships by advancing on our skills, knowledge and expertise to serve our clients in the most efficient way we can.”

Alexis D. Dupaya, General Manager

About JavTech

A company built on experience and expertise, JavTech pioneers in providing services specializing in electronic invoicing and data integration services from small to large scale enterprises. They are a team of professionals who have an in-depth knowledge and understanding in the implementation of e-invoicing, data integration and other various IT Service Management projects – Software Implementation, Network Installation and Implementation. They have handled accounts from major establishments and corporations in the Asia Pacific, Europe and Americas region.

Learn more at:  

About CloudTrade

CloudTrade solves the main challenge in the e-invoicing and e-trading market – how to move the maximum number of trading partners onto electronic document delivery in the shortest possible time frame – and without disrupting the supply chain. CloudTrade achieve this using their patented e-document service. As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100% accurate data automation accessible for all senders and receivers of application-generated documents. Over 500+ customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside its 40+ partners.

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Partnership Announcement

CloudTrade and NEOOPS announce new partnership

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Blue Prism RPA certified partner signs a partnership agreement with leading data acquisition automation tool.

NEOOPS, a specialist consulting company in RPA services, designing robotic solutions and automating processes, today announces a new partnership with CloudTrade Technologies Ltd (CloudTrade), the leading global provider of cloud-based intelligent data acquisition and electronic document processing. The partnership enhances NEOOPS customer’s RPA bots with access to data at unrivalled levels of accuracy.

CloudTrade is the market leader in automating data acquisition, validation and augmentation from electronic documents from receivers of pdf or any other types of electronic documents, such as invoices, orders, applications and contracts. The partnership offers NEOOPS customers the opportunity to harness CloudTrade’s unique technology to acquire extraordinarily levels of accurate data to power Blue Prism RPA bots to perform business specified tasks in accordance with enterprise goals and requirements.

Accurate data means your robot can perform its task to deliver the required business outcomes. Inaccurate data will require the bot to perform additional tasks to correct the data or it will process the inaccuracy downstream with the related consequences. This is why CloudTrade, as a rules-based solution, is the perfect integration for RPA, as accuracy and compliance are so critical. With perfect data quality from CloudTrade, NEOOPS customers using Blue Prism RPA bots can be fully utilised to perform at their highest levels of efficiency

As the market leader in data acquisition and electronic document automation, CloudTrade is a natural extension to an RPA project the 100% data accuracy enables end to end process automation. Over 500+ customers globally trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside our 40+ partners. CloudTrade’s integration with RPA solutions, provides enterprises with the ability to capture line level data from any document type, within the RPA robots defined workflow.

“I met with NEOOPS in the Autumn of 2019 in the Czech Republic and immediately recognised a synergy between our businesses and a strong cultural fit. In the world of business process automation NEOOPS are recognised as a leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) working across industries to support the integration of RPA to transform and automate labour intensive business processes. The natural fit therefore was with CloudTrade’s innovative technology approach of acquiring target data fields at line level from human readable documents such as invoices, orders, applications and contracts. The combined approach delivers true end to end business process automation, 100% data accuracy with no human touch points. We are delighted to be working with the NEOOPS team and are looking forward to our future collaboration and the many successful years of growth ahead.”

Steve Britton, Client Director, CloudTrade


NEOOPS designs robotic solutions, implements Blue Prism automation software and builds robotic capability for their clients. NEOOPS became the first RPA services provider in continental Europe and is one of the first certified partners of Blue Prism. NEOOPS have been helping their clients build end-to-end robotic capabilities for over 6 years. During this period, NEOOPS has implemented Blue Prism for more than 60 clients. Initially focused on Central and Eastern Europe, NEOOPS now covers the rest of Europe and the US. The key differentiator from other RPA Providers is that NEOOPS help clients to quickly build RPA capability and make them self-sustainable in a short period of time. For more information please, please visit:

About CloudTrade

Founded in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to electronic document processing, CloudTrade’s unique, patented technology, enables companies to evolve past their reliance on paper and transact digitally with their trading partners, irrespective of size or technical maturity. CloudTrade’s solution offers the highest level of accuracy for data extraction and validation on the market and supersedes more traditional capture methods and OCR based technologies. The cloud-based solution, deployment is rapid and at the same time delivering true straight through processing. For more information, please visit:

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CloudTrade’s Intelligent Data Processing solution now available on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange.

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CloudTrade is delighted to announce that we have recently joined the Blue Prism Technology Alliance Program (TAP) allowing customers using Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) technology to utilise 100% accurate data to complete business specific data requirements.

CloudTrade, market-leader in intelligent data processing, announces that we are now available for Blue Prism customers on the Blue Prism Digital Exchange. As part of the TAP program, CloudTrade’s solution serves to augment and extend the traditional RPA capabilities.

The integration of CloudTrade and Blue Prism’s Digital Workforce means customers can easily automate and extract line level data with 100% accuracy delivering unprecedented levels of detail. CloudTrade uses patented document automation tools to take in application generated documents including invoices, orders, statements, legal documents and many more. This enables Blue Prism Digital Workers to support a host of use cases such as on-boarding, fraud prevention or procurement optimization. The partnership provides early validation to ensure all incoming documents meet business specific data requirements, further enhancing downstream processes.

“The CloudTrade and Blue Prism partnership is exciting for RPA. Allowing customers to utilize extraordinarily accurate data, extracted, validated and processed, without human intervention, is a massive step in powering and automating RPA processes. Our patented solution is the only platform to extract and validate data in this way and we can’t wait to show Blue Prism’s partners and customers how it can transform their business”

Steve Emecz, CRO, CloudTrade

Find out more

If you’re interested in finding out more about this exceptional partnership and how we can help your business, contact us here.

About CloudTrade

­­­­­­­­As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100% accurate data automation accessible for all senders and receivers of application-generated documents. Over 500+ customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside our 40+ partners. 

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CloudTrade announces new partnership with Fiscal Technologies

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Fiscal Technologies and CloudTrade

100% accurate data capture improves risk prevention in the P2P cycle

CloudTrade, a leading provider of cloud-based intelligent data capture services, announces its partnership with FISCAL Technologies, a global provider of forensic financial risk management solutions. The partnership offers CloudTrade’s customers the ability to further strengthen their Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) risk protection with proven solutions and services from FISCAL Technologies. 

With traditional controls like external audits only picking up 4% of fraud by external auditors, according to a recent report by ACFE, CloudTrade’s customers can now utilise their captured data and further enhance their transaction processing with FISCAL Technologies solutions.

CloudTrade’s solution brings 100% data-accurate line-level capture into a customer’s purchase-to-pay protection workflows, providing fully auditable data that is validated before entry. By combining CloudTrade’s data capture solution and FISCAL’s Technologies’ NXG Forensics® cloud-based risk management platform, businesses can enhance their payment compliance processes, secure against invoice fraud, safeguard their working capital and, at the same time, reduce the risk and cost of missed payment recovery programmes. 

“This strategic partnership with Fiscal Technologies brings together complementary solutions in fighting e-invoice fraud, allowing customers to utilise extraordinarily accurate data, extracted, validated and processed, without human intervention”

Stewart Jacobsen, Alliance Director, CloudTrade

About CloudTrade

­­­­­­­­As the market leader in document automation, CloudTrade makes 100% accurate data automation accessible for all senders and receivers of application-generated documents. Over 500+ customers globally around the world trust CloudTrade with $20bn worth of documents as their application generated document automation tool, alongside our 40+ partners. 

About Fiscal Technologies

FISCAL Technologies is a world-leading provider of forensics and artificial intelligence powered solutions and services that empower purchase-to-pay teams across the globe to protect their organisational spend.

Incorporating unique technology to reduce risk in the supply chain, FISCAL Technologies’ award-winning cloud-based risk management platform is used on a continuous, preventative basis to protect supplier spend, defend against fraud, increase profitability and drive process improvement.FISCAL Technologies has safeguarded over 1 billion transactions with a spend value of over £5 trillion. For further information about FISCAL Technologies’ solutions visit

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CloudTrade goes live on the SAP App Center.

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CloudTrade Technologies’ PDF Invoice to SAP Ariba Capability – Customisations Solution Now Available On SAP® App Center

Solution delivers a service to convert supplier application generated PDF invoices to an SAP Ariba Network invoice for automated processing to the buyer

London UK – 3rd June 2019 — CloudTrade Technologies Ltd., today announced that its PDF Invoice to SAP Ariba Capability – Customisations solution is now available for purchase on the SAP® App Center, the digital marketplace for SAP partner offerings. PDF Invoice to SAP Ariba Capability integrates with SAP Ariba and delivers end-to-end automaton for supplier application generated PDF invoices to their customers’ finance applications.CloudTrade and SAP Ariba released their Standard PDF Invoice conversion capability in September 2018 to accommodate the standard Ariba Network data items.

“We are now immensely proud and very excited to be releasing an extension of this service to accommodate buyer ERP Customisation requirements on the App Center,”

Steve Britton – Client Director at CloudTrade

The customisation service reads and converts machine-generated PDF invoices with 100% data accuracy at header and line level, converts and enriches the acquired data to a format required by both the Ariba Network and the buyer’s finance application. The service is free to the supplier and reduces their costs, as their invoice is simply emailed or upload to the SAP Ariba Network. The buyer receives a validated data stream together with the original invoice for automated upload to their downstream processes.

David Cocks, CEO CloudTrade, says:

“We have been working with SAP Ariba since 2017 building an integrated, cloud-based service to meet the requirements and demands of some of the largest companies in the world. Both the Standard and Customised services provide the next step in P2P automation, relieving the labor-intensive and error-prone re-keying of invoices without sacrificing data completeness or accuracy.”

The SAP App Center provides customers with real-time access to approximately 1,900 innovative partner solutions that complement and extend their SAP solutions, enabling digital transformation of their business. SAP App Center customers can buy solutions directly from partners and centrally manage purchases, billing and vendor communications.

CloudTrade Technologies is a partner in the SAP® PartnerEdge® program. As such, it is empowered to build, market and sell software applications on top of market-leading technology platforms from SAP. The SAP PartnerEdge program provides the enablement tools, benefits and support to facilitate building high-quality, disruptive applications focused on specific business needs – quickly and cost-effectively. The program provides access to all relevant SAP technologies in one simple framework under a single, global contract.

About CloudTrade Technologies

CloudTrade is one of the fastest growing e-invoice and e-document networks, connecting over 120 organisations to thousands of their trading partners electronically across numerous sectors and regions across the globe. Founded in 2010 to offer a fresh approach to e-invoicing, CloudTrade enables companies to evolve past their reliance on paper and trade electronically with their suppliers, irrespective of size or technical maturity. CloudTrade’s unique, technology, delivers services not widely seen in the market, in a cost-effective way. CloudTrade’s software is protected by lasting patents in Europe, the U.S. and Australia. For further information go to:

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