Spare a thought for Santa and his orders this festive period

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Do you ever think of Mr Klaus being overwhelmed with what must be mountains of Yuletide admin every festive season? With letters from children around the world requesting all sorts of gifts, managing those orders and the invoices he receives from his elves - how on earth does he get through all of them individually? Allow me to let you in on a little secret... he doesn’t.

The festive season can produce millions of documents to process at the North Pole. From all of the children’s letters, the Elf Workshop (Santa’s main supplier), and the hard-working elves in logistics coordinating to ensure that Santa can successfully deliver the billions of presents to every child across the world, the big question I’m sure we are all thinking is, 'how on Earth does he ensure that Christmas delivery runs smoothly without a hitch?'

Mr S. Klaus, CEO of Christmas, has always made important decisions about driving his operation into a thoroughly modern outfit – including emailing Santa, his famous ‘Santa tracker’, and he's now looking to utilize the Cloud and levering his North Pole back-office operations into the 21st century with data capture and document automation solutions.

By introducing CloudTrade’s data capture solution, the billions of documents he receives over the festive period are processed without human touch, removing the need for any manual processing, and allowing for the reassignment of the ever-busy elves onto other, more business-critical parts of the North Pole warehouse. This is with the exception of some of the handwritten letters, where a small team of elves may need to double-check that some selected words have been extracted correctly, as even with the neatest handwriting the data extraction may not be quite right; not a problem with a typed letter though!

But how does one team plow through billions of documents so quickly? Not by magic, I can promise you that – we’ll leave the hocus pocus to Santa’s sleigh. With the introduction of CloudTrade’s e-document data capture and automation solution, the North Pole has kickstarted the most efficient and revolutionary way of processing their documents, cutting out the need for the manual middle-elf and providing the Christmas elves with data they can trust.

But what are the key benefits of Mr Klaus utilizing document automation for the North Pole?

  • Information can be processed automatically, without the elves intervening
  • Applicable to many document types from letters, emails, workshop invoices, and many more
  • Touchless processing so that Santa and the elves can focus on making toys and delivery
  • Trusted data that Santa can rely on to run his workshop
  • Document receipts can be automated to let children know when their email letters have been processed

How does document automation work for Santa and his workshop?

The automation process for Christmas orders for the North Pole is broken down into five simple steps:

  1. The email from a child is sent to Santa’s designated North Pole email address
  2. Santa’s automation solution removes the attachment from the email or directly from the email body, and extracts the key information. This can pick out key information from the wish lists, looking out for keywords, which are determined by pre-written rules
  3. Logic and validation rules are applied to the data, with stock look-ups and address validation to make sure that Santa makes and delivers the correct present to the right address
  4. Validated files are uploaded into the North Pole order processing application
  5. Mr Klaus receives 100% validated data for his elves to produce the toys every time

What makes CloudTrade’s data capture and document automation Santa’s service of choice?

The patented AI solution is unique in that it is the only solution to guarantee 100% accuracy when processing the data from a digital document (non-image based) and is designed with the sender in mind, allowing them to send the documents for processing with ease via email without complex and costly onboarding.

CloudTrade’s suite of smart data capture and document automation solutions takes data from any type of inbound document and automates the processing of the information with optimal accuracy. Whether this is Intelligent Ordering for sales order processing, as used by Santa in this blog, or PDF Invoicing for Accounts Payable, over 700 customers rely on CloudTrade to deliver trusted data, automatically processed without human touch and with unrivaled accuracy, processing millions of documents per year worldwide.

Although primarily used for PDFs, the service has evolved since go-live in 2010 and can process other data-rich, digital documents, most notably MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, or HTML, including the email body. CloudTrade’s services are cloud-based, providing document automation to back-office departments all over the world.

Interested in jumping on the Polar Express and joining the team in the North Pole on their journey to success with document automation? Find out more by downloading our informational flyer.