Tips for fast and stress free supplier on-boarding

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supplier on-boarding

Avoid a long and stressful supplier on-boarding process by following our tips on how to give your suppliers a smooth transition to e-invoicing. 

Supplier on-boarding is often regarded with caution. It’s a time consuming activity which can prove costly and exhaustive. We’ve cracked a method of supplier on-boarding that can push an activity often spanning months… down to a few hours.

The record time for on-boarding using this process is under an hour, 26 minutes to be precise.

From the initial request via email (to a supplier we’ve never had contact with before) to the supplier actually submitting their first, live production invoice. 

Our top three tips below summarise how to initiate a speedy conversion...

Avoid asking for change 

People often respond negatively to change, try to avoid asking suppliers to adapt any of their processes. Often e-invoicing solutions require suppliers to send EDI or XML files which involves making changes to a supplier’s applications or infrastructure costing time and money.

As a result only the largest suppliers will do it… and when they do, you are talking months to get them live rather than minutes.

Don’t mention money

Don’t charge suppliers to send their invoices – this is a standard procedure for many e-invoicing solutions on the market and one we fundamentally disagree with.

A supplier is highly likely to reject any demands for payment as it takes away from the fact that the whole process is mutually beneficial, and instead appears to only be of value to you.

Keep it simple 

Often the terminology used when speaking with suppliers is enough to convince them it’s all just too much. It’s far easier to get suppliers involved when you use technology thats easy to explain as it can be digested and understood quickly.

For example, an effective form of e-invoicing involves PDF technology, most accounting packages can produce PDFs so you avoid placing any technical demands on the supplier.

All the supplier has to is send the PDF via email… a task which is undeniably easier and cheaper than printing the invoice and mailing it out.

Time to get your suppliers e-invoicing

Following the tips above will enable you to boast excellent on-boarding rates – typically in excess of 90%.

It may be that your current e-invoicing solution cannot deliver on all of the suggestions above, but we strongly recommend you aim to incorporate at least one of the top tips.

The advantages of e-invoicing can only be achieved if your suppliers are happy with the process, and we know that the benefits are monumental.

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