PEPPOL set to deliver e-invoicing step change

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The PEPPOL framework is set to revolutionise European e-invoicing and do for electronic trading what interoperability agreements between mobile operators have done since the 1990s, says Richard Manson, commercial director of CloudTrade

Later this month, the National Health Service is set to announce the inaugural list of vendors, who will act as ‘access points’ for its PEPPOL (Pan European Public Procurement On-line) framework. Public sector organisations, in addition to organisations within the National Health Service, will now be able to access the full range of PEPPOL framework services the via these ‘Access Points’.

PEPPOL was conceived as a means of creating a cross border messaging standard to enable suppliers to trade with public sector organisations across Europe. In the UK, PEPPOL is a central pillar of the Government’s eProcurement strategy for the NHS. The aim of PEPPOL is to increase the use of eProcurement within the NHS and to make trading with the NHS easier for business of all sizes.

Ultimately, PEPPOL aims to save money within public sector back offices, which can be used for front line services. PEPPOL enables documents such as purchase orders and invoices to be exchanged in a standard way electronically between buyers and sellers, without any manual intervention.

As one of five providers who worked with the Department of Health on the initial PEPPOL Demonstration of Technology in 2015, we helped test and validate a framework that will help simplify eProcurement, as well as the selection and award process for public sector work, which opens new and exciting opportunities up to SMEs from across Europe.

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