E-invoicing - back to basics

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e-invoicing basics

E-invoicing means different things to different people. 

For some it can be an enabler for supply chain finance and initiatives such as dynamic discounting. For others it provides visibility of spend and support for sourcing and rationalisation opportunities.

Complementary services and related marketing jargon have evolved hand in hand over the years but they mask the real reason why most organisations want to roll out e-invoicing:  Organisations have paper – loads of it. Most companies simply want to remove as much of it as possible from their processes to reduce operating costs and increase control and visibility.

So if the goal for most is to simply remove paper – and it’s an accepted fact that e-invoicing benefits all – why aren’t more people doing it?

We wrote a short article for Purchasing Insight that explores some of the reasons why e-invoicing hasn't always delivered. The article can be found here: E-invoicing - back to basics

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