Colchester BC automates invoice processing of 20,000 invoices per year

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The authority implemented the system to increase efficiency and reduce administrative tasks, including invoice processing.

It went live with Advanced’s budgeting and forecasting solution, Collaborative Planning, in May 2015.

Advanced Cloud Invoicing (ACI) is currently being used by suppliers using a purchase ordering system, and phase two of the implementation involves extending the system to those without purchase orders. This solution is powered by CloudTrade technology.

Steve Heath, Finance Manager at Colchester Borough Council, said: “Manually keying in data from 20,000 invoices a year and scanning documents is a very labour intensive operation. With an eInvoicing system in place we can save a significant proportion of time for the accounts payable and scanning team, enabling them to re-direct their efforts to more value-added activities.

“It also reduces the risk of payment terms not being met as paper documents are not being passed around the council, and it benefits suppliers by reducing postage and printing costs.”

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