Can a technical service really be 100% reliable?

For a technical service to be 100% accurate and reliable, a business needs to be able to identify problems, have the appropriate tools for modification, and a programmable correction process in place.
Document Processing: Time for a gear change? 1

Document Processing: Time for a gear change?

It is time for a document processing gear change. To survive the current challenges, businesses need to embrace the new-wave of digital processing of documents.
OCR and Perception

Is it OCR?

In this blog post, the first in a trilogy explaining the CloudTrade data-capture solution, Richard Develyn, CloudTrade CTO, looks at how although OCR may capture some of the data needed, it cannot provide the understanding required to know what to do with that data or what the data means. When it comes to the future of data capture and enabling automation, we need to look at data perception and understanding…
Machine Learning and Hybrid Solutions

‘Project Grandalf’, Machine Learning and Hybrid Solutions

Making the right choice when looking at the technological solutions to solve your business problems has always been an issue. Too much commitment, too greater system change, perhaps too greater a cost – but what if you could find the best of both worlds? Richard Develyn, Chief Technical Officer, discusses the new and exciting developments in the CloudTrade solution suite to bring about the best of both worlds when it comes to document content recognition.
Tour de France 2020

Bonjour de CloudTrade – en présentant la première Française de l’équipe, Rose Massie

Comme CloudTrade continue d'élargir sa clientèle dans le monde entier, nous avons décidé d'agrandir notre équipe et avons fait notre première embauche en France. Parallèlement, au lancement de notre site web en français, nous cherchons à faire connaître les produits et services de CloudTrade à un public plus large en France et dans les régions francophones. Dans son premier billet de blog pour CloudTrade, nous présentons Rose Massie qui a eu l'extraordinaire privilège de voir le Tour de France dans sa ville la semaine dernière.
Optical Character Recognition

Did you hear the long tale about the long tail?

Long tail documents in the business world are the low volume of documents from a high volume of senders. So how do we address this challenges?
David Cocks, CloudTrade CEO

CEO David Cocks – ‘CloudTrade continues on the path to growth success’

David Cocks, CloudTrade CEO, discusses the challenges, successes and unexpected benefits to come from the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown.
Logistics Technology

That’s enough – the logistics industry needs to change.

I know, its contentious, but I’ve said it. Logistics as an industry needs to change. I’ve met far too many businesses in this industry that are still using the processes and systems that were put in 20 years ago, that should have been replaced by something less manual.
RPA Technology

Robots don’t make mistakes – but data does!

In this article and our upcoming webinar, we explore the role that data plays in all RPA projects and the impact that bad data has on the robots and the desired business outcome.