Containerisation 1


As customer numbers and document volumes increase, CloudTrade is developing its new architecture of containerisation to increase technical scalability and support future stability of its service.
The Automation Agenda 2

The Automation Agenda

In the first instalment of the CloudTrade podcast, David Cocks, CEO, and Steve Britton, Director of EMEA Sales, discuss why Executives have an automation agenda and how to overcome some of the challenges when it comes to document processing.
Interfacing 3


CloudTrade application interfacing is not so crucially dependent on APIs and format, as these issues can generally be resolved quite simply, but does require care when considering sufficiency and process.
Stretchy templates 4

Stretchy templates

In this blog post, Richard Develyn, CloudTrade CTO, explains how a template is something much more flexible than you might imagine. Secondly, he describes how adaptable templates form the core strength of the CloudTrade solution.
Service as a Service 5

Service as a Service

In this blog post, Richard Develyn CTO, explores how our software at CloudTrade operates, what this means for our customers and the benefits of integrating our software into your business.
Is it RPA? 6

Is it RPA?

Is Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) science fiction or science fact? Richard Develyn, CloudTrade CTO and sci-fi film enthusiast, lays bare the limitations of RPA, exposing the very real challenges associated with coverage, complexity and scope.
Is it AI? 7

Is it AI?

Richard Develyn, CTO, answers the question about whether CloudTrade uses AI, and if so, how.
A message from David Cocks, our CEO 8

A message from David Cocks, our CEO

David Cocks, CloudTrade CEO, thanks his teams and customers for their input during 2020 which has led to new machine-learning projects, and further success in developing partnerships.
Trusted Partner, Partnership

A partnership with CloudTrade – What does that look like?

Hear from Rebecca Bohms, Director of Business Development for North America on how you can bring the market-leading data capture and document automation solution to your customers. Find out more on CloudTrade partnerships.