What logistics document management solutions do we provide?

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As the logistics industry continues to grow and evolve, existing practices and processes need to change to take advantage of the benefits that new technology can bring to your business. Outdated document receipt and OCR capture processes could be hindering your business.

With clients demanding faster processing of documents and greater visibility of your operations it's time for you to rethink the way you are capturing data and CloudTrades freight document automation service ‘FreightDocs’ might just be the solution that puts your business at the front of the crowd.

Drowning in paper and emails?

The sheer volume of paperwork and transactional elements that come from managing a transport and logistics operation is incredible. It’s not an uncommon requirement for businesses to process paper-based and electronically generated documents that run into thousands of pages, with individual documents containing separate document chains that all need processing.

Having the ability to capture data from freight invoices, statements, BOL’s and other documents efficiently for customers and suppliers is a serious game-changer. We know that accuracy and speed play a vital part in processing data from freight documents and that one of your biggest challenges is getting that data into your system. Just think how much time you could be saving if you could capture data within minutes of the receipt of a document into your inbox – how much more efficient would that make you when it comes to viewing, checking, and authorizing payments – not to mention the costs saved in avoiding data quality issues, delays, etc.


Let’s talk about FreightDocs 

Speeding up the capture process using CloudTrade’s intelligent rules automation solution would not only result in increased financial benefits but also offer greater levels of customer satisfaction through 100% data accuracy and faster shipment processing – all essential factors in increasing revenue for a freight or logistics company.

The fact is that many organizations are still using old technology and it's embedded in their current operating models – A move to RPA technology doesn’t offer the accuracy that’s required and standard capture vendors don’t provide any additional benefits outside of what the existing system is providing – so what’s different about CloudTrade?

Well, firstly the cost of change to a SaaS-based capture solution like FreightDocs isn’t as great as you think so if you’re looking for more efficient, and accurate ways to capture your data then you should read on.

CloudTrade uses a declarative, rules-based approach to capture data from documents. We can parse single or multi-file-based document chains containing multiple invoices and supporting documents from a single email or data feeds and this is one of the key differentiating features of our technology. We can set our solution up swiftly, you don’t need to make any infrastructural changes, the cost to the supplier is FREE, and we can provide 100% data accuracy.

FreightDocs is ideal for Freight Auditors, TMS providers, 3PL’s, Freight Forwards, Payment Providers, and enterprises processing large volumes of invoices – we are technology agnostic and provide a standard cXML, XML, or EDI output that you simply ingest in your back office system.

Wondering what documents we can process? 

  • Freight invoices  
  • Freight bills  
  • Bills of lading (BOL’s)  
  • Statements  
  • Goods receipt notes  
  • Consignment notes 

Our solution can also accommodate: 

  • One freight invoice file on one email
  • Multiple freight invoice files on one email
  • Multiple freight invoices in the same file
  • Freight invoices and document attachments in the same PDF file
  • Freight invoice and document attachments as separate files

Additionally, our system processes documents in multiple different languages and we work with our customers to enable specific language requirements on request. Our system works well with processing LATAM-based documents and is also VAT compliant for invoices in Europe.


How does it work?


Want to find out more about FreightDocs?

Click here.


How will it benefit my business? 

FreightDocs by CloudTrade integrates with any backend system and guarantees 100% accurate data capture and touchless processing of freight and logistics documents. With a network of top global carriers already enabled, this plug-and-play data capture solution can be delivering exceptional quality data capture to you in just a few weeks.

Your logistics and transport business will see an immediate benefit via the following:

  • Process documents quickly and at greater volume, with data straight into your end system within minutes of receipt
  • Utilizing data entry team members for greater value-added tasks
  • Enhanced administrative efficiencies
  • Integrated and streamlined organizational processes, reducing delays and improving cashflow

  • Scale document processing and data capture with your growing logistics business
  • Improved document security and compliance to save staff time and ease any data concerns
  • Improved line-level data to support your strategic business decisions moving forward
  • Greater control on costs
  • See the product benefit and ROI quickly – onboarding can begin in as little as two weeks

  • Suppliers don’t have to change their billing systems or infrastructure, which is usually required to send XML or EDI freight invoices
  • Suppliers don’t have to duplicate their invoicing activity by logging into a portal to submit their freight invoice
  • No investment is required to change systems


Don’t just take our word for it... 

We’re super proud of one of our latest projects, where we supported a manufacturing business in successfully processing a 1500-page shipment document that will be processed automatically without human intervention. Instead of staff reviewing this document individually and taking up to a week to manually key all the data the document is processed in hours releasing valuable resources allowing them to focus on their core competencies and value-added tasks. Take a look at our project below!


Download our "Freight and Logistics" case study here.