Partnership helps hospitality sector organisations go paperless

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CloudTrade, the leading provider of cloud based e-invoicing services, today announced that its unique e-invoicing solution has been selected by Marketboomer, the APAC based procure to pay (P2P) solution provider, to help drive efficiency and cost savings across the hotel and hospitality sector, helping these organisations go paperless.

London and Sydney 23 August 2017

CloudTrade now forms an integral part of Marketboomer’s global procure to pay (P2P) offering, interfacing directly into Marketboomer’s API and many of the world’s leading operators in the hospitality sector have already started to transition to paperless invoicing.

Paperless Invoicing

Nathan Gyaneshwar, Marketboomer’s CEO, said “CloudTrade’s integration to Marketboomer’s API provides a simple way for suppliers, who don’t have the technical resources to connect directly to our API to move to paperless invoicing. For hotels, that results in quicker processing, eliminates manual entries and the associated errors, and eliminates all paper from the invoicing process.

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“Hotels using Purchase Plus, Marketboomer’s purchasing platform, are already benefiting from efficient buying processes, now they will also benefit from full P2P with purchase orders and invoices flowing automatically to/from all of their suppliers”.

Reduced administration costs

CloudTrade’s partnership with Marketboomer helps hotels and their preferred suppliers to buy and sell in the most effective way, substantially reducing administration costs and the time associated with printing, postage, data entry and document handling, by fully automating their accounts payable (AP) processes.

Accor Hotels benefits from high supplier adoption of paperless invoicing

One business which is already taking advantage of the partnership and e-invoicing is Accor Hotels, the global hotel operator.

Darren Pike, ecommerce Manager at Accor Hotels says: “Accor Hotels has recognised the huge benefits that Marketboomer’s P2P and paperless invoicing solution, with CloudTrade’s technology, brings to our business. One of the keys to the success of the project has been to achieve high adoption rates and to on-board our suppliers as quickly as possible. CloudTrade has helped solve that problem with their unique approach to e-invoicing.

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“Rather than suppliers having to change their technology and processes, or duplicate the creation of their invoices, our suppliers can simply create a PDF version of their invoice and CloudTrade’s technology maps the data directly into Marketboomer’s accounting system”.

Richard Manson, CloudTrade’s co-founder and Commercial Director, adds: “CloudTrade offers an e-invoicing service that removes the barriers typically associated with supplier adoption.  We can mop up those suppliers who are not in a position to do the technical development in order to connect direct to Marketboomer’s API. Because the process of on-boarding through CloudTrade is so simple, we achieve extremely high on-boarding rates and can get suppliers up and running within minutes, something no other e-invoicing solution can do.”

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