Higher education embraces digital transformation

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As we’ve discussed on the blog before, digital transformation doesn’t have to be all or nothing. For many organisations, the best way to enact meaningful digital change is to take small steps towards big digital goals. Slow and steady wins the race.

This is true across every industry. At CloudTrade, our technology is designed to be flexible so it can help a range of organisations, whatever their size or expertise.

One industry we’ve been engaging with recently is higher education. A number of higher education institutions are embarking on digital transformation projects. They’re actively looking to change how they run operations, manage their workforce and engage with students. Digital technology is prompting industry-wide change.

This is being driven by a number of key factors:

  1. Higher education institutions recognise that technology can help them build for the long term. Technology is a good way of future-proofing operations.
  2. Higher education is highly competitive, with institutions striving to attract the best teaching and student talent. Digital proficiency is a way that institutions can get ahead. Transformation, if done right, can provide a real reputational boost.
  3. Forward-thinking institutions know they need to enact digital transformation or risk being left behind. This is especially true of machine learning and AI which rely on large, high quality data sets. The sooner digital projects like electronic data capture begin, the sooner benefits can be realised.

Higher education institutions are adopting technology across departments. Digital transformation doesn’t have to benefit a single back office function, such as finance. It can also enhance the operations of an entire institution, from how it presents itself online, to how it communicates with students.

Digital transformation can also act as an enabler. If back office functions correctly, speed and accuracy increases and costs go down. What starts in operations with electronic data capture realises benefits in other parts of an organisation. All that’s required is an initial action, which is why most projects can be undertaken by using “nudge” techniques to make small incremental changes.


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Our approach at CloudTrade shows how small scale projects can affect change. It’s why we’re working with a number of higher education institutions to provide 100% accurate data capture for their back-office functions. Our service is commonly associated with finance-related documents, but our technology can automate data capture across a range of documents. This lowers back-office costs at higher education institutions, drives stronger analytics and enables automation in downstream systems.

Higher education is a great example of an industry embracing digital transformation. It’s a sector that also illustrates the flexibility of CloudTrade’s technology, showing how we help all organisations, whatever their industry, whatever their requirements. If you're interested to find out how CloudTrade can help your organisation, click the button below to book a call with our sales team.