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Sales order processing continues to be a major source of frustration for busy distributors and manufacturers. The costs of replacing legacy systems or the time needed to implement a new system adds a source of risk to a potential operational overhaul. The business would rather stick with what they know, which tends to be a traditional, potentially costly and unscalable model.   

The average Customer Services Representative will spend hours answering calls and emails and manually keying and rekeying purchase orders into an Order Processing system. Depending on the size of the order, this could turn into a lot more. But why are we letting our skilled employees get bogged down with dated, straight-forward manual processes when they could be using their time to focus on answering customer questions and greater revenue-generating activities? 

Non-touch and automated order processing is empowering manufacturers and distributors across the globe to unlock human capital, reduce manual errors, amplify the customer experience and slice operational costs within a business. 

An automated and touchless supply chain eliminates human oversight and/or intervention. With optimized logistics and internal operations, it’s simply unnecessary to have your team focus on managing purchase orders when it can all be automated, generated, checked and validated behind the scenes, accurately and at speed.  

How does Intelligent Ordering work? 

CloudTrade’s Intelligent Ordering automatically processes purchase orders in real-time, ensuring 100% data accuracy and freeing up your team to focus on more important tasks. Data capture can be tailored depending on business and system integration requirements.  

Below we’ve included the necessary steps and actions to complete the process: 

Step 1: The buyer sends an email 

The buyer emails the purchase order via a PDF (or any other digital format such as csv or even email body) to a dedicated email address, such as 

Step 2: Data is captured 

Humans make mistakes – it happens. Purchase orders can run into hundreds of lines, so typing in the wrong number or letter can have enormous consequences on that order. CloudTrade Intelligent Ordering captures the data from the email and its attachments, removing the need for human intervention across the sales cycle.  

Step 3: Validated and checked 

The data is extracted, using human intelligence replication, its accuracy is verified, checking against Stock Lookups, Stock Keeping Unit (SKU), delivery address checks, etc. enabling automatic processing in your system and reducing order errors, cost of returns or delivery failures.  

Step 4: Automatically submits the data 

The data is now automatically submitted into the Sales Order Processing System, ERP or CRM, in a system readable format. The original document is archived for reference. 

Step 5: Errors are flagged 

Any orders which have missing or incorrect information are flagged and either sent to the Sales Order Management Portal to be reviewed, or to your help desk for manually keying. Actions could include being sent back to the customer, rejected or corrected to fulfil order criteria. 

What are the benefits of Intelligent Ordering? 

The benefits of utilising touchless order processing include: 

  • Improved customer service: Expectations around technology are fast evolving. Your orders get processed quicker, customers get faster fulfilment (potentially for next day delivery) for their orders, and this results in a positive buyer experience, strengthening customer loyalty for your business. This also means your team has more time to focus on actual customer service queries, like upselling, problem-solving and delivering valuable recommendations. 
  • Manual input sliced: Your team are completely freed up to focus on other tasks while straight-through processing works away in the background, relying on less error-prone manual entry. Orders are processed within minutes instead of hours.
  • Higher revenue delivered from increased selling time: With more orders being processed in real-time, your business is no longer limited by the size of your PO team, or increased labor requirements.  

CloudTrade provides a simple way for customer orders to be received straight into your sales order processing application. The speed of processing increases greatly with our technology, and with the system working swiftly in the background, 24/7, it allows for a greater number of next-day fulfilments. It also facilitates continued revenue growth without the delays.  

Automate and grow your revenue with Intelligent Ordering 

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