IWD: Making moves in the gender balance at CloudTrade

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To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Head of Operations, Amee Patel, has interviewed some of the women from each department here at CloudTrade to recognize and celebrate the work they are doing and the successes they have had.

The third blog in this series focuses on our fantastic Financial Controller and Company Secretary, Elena Toma.

AP: Hi Elena! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me this afternoon. Let’s start with you telling me a little bit about yourself and your role here at CloudTrade?

ET: Hi! I am Elena and I am the Financial Controller at CloudTrade. I joined CloudTrade about three and a half years ago and I’ve been really enjoying working here. I think the people are great, everyone is really nice and I think we all make a good team here. For me, it’s been an interesting three and a half years, I’ve worked in the technology sector before but it’s been interesting in terms of working for a new, young company. I’m also the Company Secretary so I sit on the Board of Directors, which was something really new and interesting for me.

AP: Thanks for that! What would you say is the best thing about working at CloudTrade?

ET: I think the people and the team are the most important thing and I just enjoy working with the people that we have here. We have quite a chilled atmosphere, everyone is very friendly, and the management are very supportive. I also find that it’s flexible in terms of hours, which is great for me. It’s also been amazing to see the changes in the company. When I joined it was just you and me as the women in the office, and slowly and steadily we have increased our numbers. Within three and a half years we’ve increased our numbers from two to sixteen which is really something.

AP: It feels like a lifetime ago that it was only us representing the women of the company! So everyone else who has featured has recently joined the tech sector, whereas you have a lot of experience in previous roles. Do you think that attitudes towards women have changed much since you first started your professional journey?

ET: Yes, I think so, I think it’s much more inclusive now. Here at CloudTrade, I can feel the support for women from other members of the company, the team and from the management, so yes, and I felt like I was definitely supported in my role. Overall, I think there is more and more inclusivity that I can see in the workplace.

AP: Do you have any advice for young women looking to start a career in finance?

ET: I would encourage them to immerse themselves in their studies for finance. If you have a passion for numbers, if you enjoy working with numbers, if you enjoy stuff like that, then definitely look into finance as a career. If you are passionate about something and follow that passion, you’ll never feel like you are working. You wake up and you don’t think “oh my god, that again”, and it gives you more energy and drive. It provides you with a lot of transferable skills, and with accountancy qualifications you can work in any area. Before coming to CloudTrade, I worked in the legal sector, so it doesn’t matter if it’s tech, or legal, or professional services, you can work anywhere. One of my teachers once said to me “If you have a career in finance, you’ll never go hungry”, and I think that’s so true.

AP: You’ve worked in a lot of different areas – what would you say the main difference is working for a tech company to say, a legal role?

ET: It is different in terms of the people. The legal sector is quite formal, the people you work with, the emails you write, it’s all very formal, whereas the tech sector is more flexible and informal, especially in communication and interactions.

AP: Elena – thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions and provide some insight into your corner of the business! It’s been fun reminiscing on CloudTrade of days past with you.


To our readers – thank you so much for tuning in to today’s blog. If you have any more questions for Elena, I would encourage you to contact her directly – you can find her contact details below. In our next installment, we will be talking with some of the women from our Marketing team about their experiences here at CloudTrade and within the tech industry.


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