A partnership with CloudTrade – what does that look like?

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CloudTrade was established in 2009 in the UK, and the service is now available worldwide. Global customers expect geographic local representation which is provided through our wide network of partners. They have expertise in areas that CloudTrade does not: be that local business knowledge, technical integration with the customers’ end systems, or other details of their own ISV solutions.

Rebecca Bohms is CloudTrade Director of Business Development for North America. She has just completed her first six months, where she’s spent her time working for both the company HQ in the UK and for the US office in the Boston area. She says she finds it inspirational to be working with top leaders in the data-capture industry, and enjoys this highly competitive space. She explains here in her first CloudTrade blog post the significance of the relationship that CloudTrade has with its partners.

As my British colleagues say – we make it ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’

I had never before come across a company quite like CloudTrade, and was charmed by these intriguing British guys, some of the data transformation industry’s top talent, who had developed a solution to set themselves apart. An amazing capture solution which provides 100% data accuracy with no touch on the part of the customer. When I saw it, I was instantly hooked. I knew that as I built up my North American territory, it would be a pleasure to introduce CloudTrade’s solutions and people to those I engaged with.

Getting to know the rest of the CloudTrade team over the last six months, has been great! It is refreshing to work with people who are approaching the market so very uniquely All the way from Development through to Sales and Delivery, the people I work with are driving for success, from an out-of-the-box perspective, and they do it in a way that is friendly, efficient and cooperative with all parties involved. They are very easy to work with and I’m always pleased to introduce them to my network.

It is my responsibility to find, feed, water and generally nurture our important North American partner relationships. Not only do I recruit, train, and establish the initial relationships, but I then walk with them through marketing, co-selling and delivery, in order to aid in success. I continue to support them in their endeavours throughout the lifetime of the relationship, and consider it an honour to provide this vital link.

Partners are indispensable in the CloudTrade ecosystem; the core business is built on strong relationships through our indirect business model. Our partners are the essential intermediaries between CloudTrade and our end customers and it’s a model which is benefiting all by delivering profitable, long-term revenue streams. If you’re interested in a partnership with CloudTrade, let me show you what that looks like and how we can help your business.

So, how are we bringing value to your business?

CloudTrade provides a Microsoft-Azure-hosted, multi-tenanted, automated, data-capture service with a patented, natural-language engine. Processing is available 24/7 worldwide and is purpose-built for integration with our partners’ own services. While all that sounds quite high tech and impressive, we really do tailor integrations for each partners data requirements, as standard – it is our ‘bread and butter’ and comes hassle free.

In a SaaS world, state-of-the-art solutions are made up of interconnected micro-services. We at CloudTrade focus on being best-of-breed in our technical specialism, which is delivered as a cloud-based service, purpose built for integration into partners’ ecosystems. Our partners use their own technical and business expertise to deliver complete solutions to fulfil their customers’ requirements.

There is never a conflict of interest between CloudTrade and its partners. It’s understood that CloudTrade’s customisable service is usually only one part of a complex B2B solution that you provide. We know we are experts in what we do and have no intention of extending our reach into other aspects of the B2B environment and we support partners to deliver their solution to their customers with CloudTrade as an add-on or embedded as a component.

What does a CloudTrade partnership look like?

At CloudTrade, we contract with partners so that you can provide our services to your customers, and the commercial agreement is always between the partners and their customers. CloudTrade embraces two types of partners: Solutions Partners and Platform Partners.

For a Solutions Partner, CloudTrade is one discrete aspect of the VAR’s overall solution, normally identifiable as a CloudTrade service, but could be white-labelled and re-branded by the partner (we don’t mind!). The customer’s IT system in receipt of the output from CloudTrade can be either cloud-based or on-premise.

For a Platform Partner, they will typically have their own ISV cloud-based technology and CloudTrade feeds its output into the partner’s own system for processing. You as the partner, may then pass the data on to a specific customer system, if required. This CloudTrade component is not usually directly visible to the end customer, either technically or commercially.

But, however you partner with us, the quality of service and data delivery remains the same. A managed-service with real humans to provide ongoing support, ensuring optimal data delivery for your customers – irrespective if you’d prefer we liaise with you or your customers directly.

How do we benefit your business and customers?

CloudTrade’s service is designed for pay-as-you-use pricing, which provides you with long-term, recurring revenue. Your customers benefit from a low-capital-cost solution, and they appreciate that the cost of service they pay for corresponds directly to the business benefits. CloudTrade’s partners enjoy a year-on-year customer retention rate, which averages over 95%.

Our partners get long-term, revenue-stream sharing through the fees charged to their customers. CloudTrade offers flexible charges: either per customer for a Solution Partner, where requirements of each customer may vary; or wholesale pricing, more applicable for the Platform Partner where CloudTrade’s transaction is only one small part of the over-all ISV value-add. In addition, partners can choose whether to earn further service revenue (e.g. for technical integration, project management, configuration, and ongoing support) or sub-contract this work to CloudTrade.

If this article has got you thinking about how CloudTrade could partner with your business and you’d like to know more, download our Partner Guide to get further details or alternatively you can book a quick call with me and I can answer any questions you may have. To book a call with Rebecca Bohms – click here.

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