What we did right in 2018 and our aims for 2019

We’ve built a business on helping other businesses to become more efficient, with users seeing back-office document processing savings in the region of 60%.

Listen to your customers - they'll tell you what the future looks like

When I think about where we want to go as a business, I’m always guided by one thing: our customers. In an age of buzzwords, cliches and enough business books to fill the Bodleian, business owners and companies can lose sight of their goals.

Early payment discounts and the invoicing solution

It’s clear that the UK and US markets are different in their approach to supplier’s payments; with the UK using more traditional ‘direct’ banking methods to pay their suppliers.

Lift & Shift or is it time for a Step Change!

Why do organisations believe that ‘Lift & Shift’ of their business mess to an outsourcer will be easy? Can simply moving the process intact to the outsourcer deliver the magical 30% annual cost saving?

How RPA can drive efficiencies in your back-office

Haven’t we all been promised a paperless office for years? And although there have been various attempts and solutions, the latest answer to the paper problem appears to be machine learning and robotic process automation (RPA).

AI and RPA, what is it and why should I care?

The term ‘Robotic Process Automation’ (RPA) is derived from the computer programs the process uses. Those programs are known as ‘robots’, and they can process data and complete complex tasks automatically, providing there is a logical or a rules-based set of steps to follow.

A review of electronic invoicing methods

In this review we outline the three main types of electronic invoicing methods (EDI/XML, Portal and PDF) and consider the strengths of each. We will consider the ease of installation, the on-boarding rates, data accuracy, and the costs involved to your business and your suppliers.