The problem with Brexit, and the future of e-invoicing

Big changes are coming to the e-invoicing market, thanks to EU directive 2014/55/EU. Public sector organisations in Europe must be able to receive and process EU compliant einvoices from their suppliers by April 18th 2020, at the latest. The objective is to standardise invoice content, making it easier and cheaper for local government and central government to process them.

The big benefits of running small transformation projects

Digital transformation isn’t all or nothing. In fact, small transformation projects can drive incremental benefits that increase the speed at which full digital transformation can, over time, occur.

The New World of Intelligent Data Capture

The rise of the cloud has laid the groundwork for intelligent data capture. But it’s not just cloud-based platforms that are facilitating this revolution. Today, almost all on-premise software can generate PDFs too.

A Brief History Of OCR

OCR traces its roots back to telegraphy. On the eve of the First World War, physicist Emanuel Goldberg invented a machine that could read characters and convert them into telegraph code.

Why we’re building CloudTrade Logistics

Our unique approach to data capture means we are able to collect a large amount of data from an invoice. Most organisations make do with capturing “header-level” data only.

What is ‘true automation’?

With the recent increase in computational power, interest is intensifying in automating non-deterministic processes by attempting to replicate the functioning of the human brain. This is where the third approach to automation comes in.

Why partnerships benefit ERP providers

Modern ERP solutions are increasingly efficient, fulfilling near 80% of market requirements. But, as we know, clients demand as close to 100% as possible and, in a competitive market, they’re within their rights to do so.

What we did right in 2018 and our aims for 2019

We’ve built a business on helping other businesses to become more efficient, with users seeing back-office document processing savings in the region of 60%.

Listen to your customers - they'll tell you what the future looks like

When I think about where we want to go as a business, I’m always guided by one thing: our customers. In an age of buzzwords, cliches and enough business books to fill the Bodleian, business owners and companies can lose sight of their goals.