How Intelligent Data Capture Drives Profitability

Last week on the blog we talked about how regulation and new technologies, such as intelligent data capture, are helping large companies to pay small suppliers on time. In turn, this is enabling large companies to move towards an automated, paperless future. This is good news for both the environment and for company bottom lines.

Why Intelligent Data Capture is a Stepping Stone Towards Machine Learning

As you’ve likely noticed, an increasing number of small and medium-sized businesses are assessing how they can adopt machine learning, artificial intelligence and RPA.

Line-level data: The importance of cement and tomatoes

When it comes to processing documents, the vast majority of businesses follow the same drill. They use header level information to match the minimum information needed to complete the process – whether it be invoices or other documents.

4th - 6th June, CloudTrade at #SAPAribaLive Barcelona

CloudTrade will be flying to SAP Ariba Live in Barcelona, 4th - 6th June. Ariba Live is the largest procurement and supply chain event in the world. It will be a fantastic few days that will bring together a hugely diverse community of buyers, suppliers and partners to share discussions, ideas and best practises on all things Ariba.

The problem with Brexit, and the future of e-invoicing

Big changes are coming to the e-invoicing market, thanks to EU directive 2014/55/EU. Public sector organisations in Europe must be able to receive and process EU compliant einvoices from their suppliers by April 18th 2020, at the latest. The objective is to standardise invoice content, making it easier and cheaper for local government and central government to process them.

The big benefits of running small transformation projects

Digital transformation isn’t all or nothing. In fact, small transformation projects can drive incremental benefits that increase the speed at which full digital transformation can, over time, occur.

The New World of Intelligent Data Capture

The rise of the cloud has laid the groundwork for intelligent data capture. But it’s not just cloud-based platforms that are facilitating this revolution. Today, almost all on-premise software can generate PDFs too.

A Brief History Of OCR

OCR traces its roots back to telegraphy. On the eve of the First World War, physicist Emanuel Goldberg invented a machine that could read characters and convert them into telegraph code.

Why we’re building CloudTrade Logistics

Our unique approach to data capture means we are able to collect a large amount of data from an invoice. Most organisations make do with capturing “header-level” data only.