The long term value of accurate data capture

It sounds obvious, but organisations seeking to leverage cutting-edge technology need data. That’s why it’s so important that organisations prioritise the capturing of data that is accurate and accessible in a structured format.

How to get started with e-ordering

E-orders need to be processed with 100% accuracy. Once an order is received, a supplier needs to ship the order quickly. Errors and delays equal costs, so e-ordering is directly linked to revenue. If e-ordering fails to deliver fast, accurate, line-level data, the bottom line suffers.

How to grow the value of your data capture investment

Over the last twenty years, organisations have invested heavily in OCR and EDI solutions. This investment in capture technology has been rewarded with efficiency savings as automation has reduced costs and lowered error counts.

Is digital transformation a technology issue?

Digital transformation is a strategy. For it to work, it needs to be accepted across the entire supply chain, providing benefits to senders and receivers. There is no point in embracing a technology like Blockchain if the majority of your clients are using a different strategy.

Higher education embraces digital transformation

Digital transformation can also act as an enabler. If back office functions correctly, speed and accuracy increases and costs go down. What starts in operations with electronic data capture realises benefits in other parts of an organisation.

The big benefits of supply chain finance

Supply chain finance – otherwise known as “reverse factoring” – has exploded in popularity in recent years, as businesses have recognised the positive impact it can have on cash flow and relationships across the supply chain.

The future of e-invoicing: To EDI or not EDI?

Organisations looking to implement EDI for the first time need to consider the challenges associated with this legacy approach to electronic trading. And those looking to upgrade should think twice before throwing good money after bad.

PEPPOL, Portals and Poor Supplier Service

The Pan European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) enables suppliers to connect seamlessly with buyers. But many suppliers are missing out on some of the benefits of PEPPOL by using third party portals.

An Interview with CloudTrade’s Head of Engineering, Michael Thomson

The project that we’ve been working on is all cutting-edge technology. Because we’re working at a large scale, you need the proper architecture in your software to deal with that.