Logistics Technology

That’s enough - the logistics industry needs to change.

I know, its contentious, but I’ve said it. Logistics as an industry needs to change. I’ve met far too many businesses in this industry that are still using the processes and systems that were put in 20 years ago, that should have been replaced by something less manual.
RPA Technology

Robots don't make mistakes - but data does!

In this article and our upcoming webinar, we explore the role that data plays in all RPA projects and the impact that bad data has on the robots and the desired business outcome.

Our journey from Monolith to Microservices

Richard Hooper, Head of Systems, explains how CloudTrade upgraded its software environment to cope with increased demand and some of the problems solved along the way.

It may not be rocket science, but it can be complex

Reading documents may not be rocket science, but computers struggle to do what humans find simple. Is technology finally able to read documents in the same way as humans?

Self isolation? No problem - keep your business running 24/7

With an ever-increasing need for employees to work remotely, we discuss how automation and digitalisation can help businesses retain the status quo.

CloudTrade - a woman's world?

Amee Patel, Operations Manager, discusses some of the challenges of being a woman in a male-dominated industry and how CloudTrade has changed our practices to encourage female applicants for job openings.

HI, the new AI – What the Terminator got right.

The world is in love with the idea of AI. But is HI, the new AI?

Invoice Fraud: Get smart or get fleeced

Invoice fraud can be an expensive problem and a recent survey revealed 4 in 10 of UK business are completely unaware of these risks.

What’s at the top of your CFO’s Christmas list?

Shared Services used to be cost centres, but over the years they’ve evolved into profit centres. They no longer fight fires for the business – they optimise processes that drive revenue and ultimately, growth.